Advanced Level II Class


5-Day Advanced Level II Executive Protection Workshop - FEBRUARY 15TH-19TH, 2016!



This class is being offered at a special rate of only $699. This also includes a lifetime membership to IEP so you can come back and retrain in this advanced class as often as you want at no additional charge.

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At International EP (IEP) our Executive Protection, Special Operations & Bodyguard Training is very much hands-on and intense. IEP is not the average protection and bodyguard training school. Our instructor to student ratio is much smaller than many other agencies & schools, allowing us to work closely with each student. Furthermore, each instructor here at IEP is a Certified Protection Operator™, certified Tactical Gun Takeaway and Defense instructor. We try to limit our enrollment to no more than ten (10) students per instructor (10:1 ratio max) so we can offer more of a one on one learning experience and learning environment.


The training that you will receive and the knowledge that you will gain is unparalleled. The first three days of our all-inclusive Advanced Level II Executive Protection class offers you advanced training including:


  • Force on Force
  • Simulation Drills
  • Nighttime Training
  • Bounding Drills
  • Advanced Tactical Gun Takeaway
  • Advanced Formation Drills
  • Close Combat
  • Close Combat Take-downs
  • Nighttime destination drills
  • Nighttime site maps
  • Nighttime force on force
  • Bomb detection and prevention
  • Live firearms training with advanced weapons instructors. (We will be at an outdoor firing range for this. Advanced students will need a firearm they feel comfortable shooting, along with a couple hundred rounds of ammunition. Proper eye wear and ear wear is required. A loose fitting, long-sleeved shirt is recommended.)

This advanced course will also cover how to market yourself in the EP industry:


  • Branding yourself
  • Putting together a business plan to create profits in 2016
  • Utilizing social media
  • Learn more about the many opportunities available in the EP field.

The agenda for this advanced course will include:

Day 1 – Inside the mind of an advanced agent. Review advanced formations/bounding drills.

Day 2 – Cover and evacuating with bounding drills, force on force with simunitions, and air soft guns. (Bring protective eye wear and long sleeve shirt.)

Day 3 – Review, firearms training on the range, night time force on force, and night time site maps.

Day 4 – Bomb detection, sweeping cars and rooms.

Day 5 of this advanced training will include live details, all day Q&A, business review, and how to get leads but may be modified at the discretion of the course trainer(s). EP work often involves the element of surprise, so while it is good to plan ahead, it is also important to know how to think on your feet and be adaptable to new situations. This is part of the training program, to best prepare you for high profile work in the real world of executive protection.

* Each day will also include 10 gun takeaway and advanced defense and drills.

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