October 2019 3-Day EP/Bodyguard Training Class

3-Day Workshop
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
9:00am - 6:00pm each day

Most of our classes have been selling out, so RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!

At International EP (IEP) our Executive Protection, Special Operations & Bodyguard Training is very much hands-on and intense.  IEP is not the average protection and bodyguard training school. Our instructor to student ratio is much smaller than many other agencies & schools, allowing us to work closely with each student. Furthermore, each instructor here at IEP is a Certified Protection Operator®, certified Tactical Gun Takeaway Specialist and defense instructor.  We try to limit our enrollment to no more than ten (10) students per instructor so we can offer more of a one on one learning experience and learning environment.

The training that you will receive and the knowledge that you will gain is unparalleled.  We are the only executive protection school that gives two certificates and a letter of recommendation.  This will help on your resume and if you are looking for executive protection work.  After the completion of this course, you will be fully aware of the intricacy of executive protection and body guarding.  Our program is designed for any and all serious people (including Class "D" and "G" licensees) who want to start a career in the security, bodyguard, dignitary and executive protection field.

Our three (3) day all-inclusive Executive & Dignitary Protection course will provide you with 2 certifications.  You will get a certificate of completion and be a Certified Protection Operator® and you will get a certificate for Tactical Gun Takeaway and Defense. A letter of recommendation will also be given to all students that complete this course.  The special operations is designed to teach you Executive Protection & Bodyguard procedures which are designed to prepare you for real world Dignitary Protection, Executive Protection, Corporate Protection and personal bodyguard business.

Register TODAY to reserve your spot in class before this class sells out and before our rates go up!  3-Day course is only $449.  (Ask about current/former military and/or law enforcement or group discounts).  Only $99 deposit required to reserve your seat in class.

3-Day Class Agenda

  • Day 1 Schedule Open or Close

    Dress Code – Black BDU's, socks and sneakers.  An "IEP" shirt will be provided to you. Please inform us of the size shirt you will need when you register.

    Hours – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm  (hours may be extended for more study/training time)

    • Welcome & Introduction to "executive protection"
    • The Bodyguard Role
    • Isolation Drills
    • Bodyguard & Special Operations Standards & Perceptions
    • Short videos and power point presentations
    • Understanding your clients and knowing their needs
    • Understanding your position or role as a team leader, forward, rear, escort, or satellite
    • Threat Assessment / High Risk vs. Low Risk Assessments
    • Securing Your Client and Team
    • Dealing With The Paparazzi
    • Interpersonal Skill & Team Work
    • Picking a team leader, detail leader or "BG"
    • Vehicle Escape and transfer of the client (VIP) during Motorcade Operations (1)
    • Tactical Gun Takeaway & Defense drills - (Certification Training) (1)
    • Destination drills
    • Vehicle Embus and Debus Training (1)
    • Force on Force drills (body and face protection will be provided)
    • Body Armored Motor Vehicle
    • Body Armor and its use
    • Walking formations - one man, two man teams, three man teams, etc.  (1)
      - Diamond formations
      - Box formations
    • Bounding drills

    Please call us for our advanced training and continuing education: (727) 422-7233

  • Day 2 Schedule Open or Close

    Dress Code – Black BDU's, socks and sneakers.

    Hours – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm  (hours may be extended for more study/training time)

    • Route Card vs. Traditional Maps
    • Site Surveillance
    • Creating a Site Map
    • Motorcade Detail
    • Vehicle Escape and transfer of the client (VIP) during Motorcade Operations (2)
    • Formations (2)
      - Diamond
      - Box
    • Tactical Gun Takeaway & Defense drills - (Certification Training Review) (2)
    • Vehicle Bomb Search Procedures
    • Vehicle Embus and Debus Training (2)
    • Vehicle Equipment & Maintenance
    • Legal question and answer session of Executive Protection with police veterans and attorneys
    • Formation drills for Inner, Middle and Outer Perimeter Security
    • Forward duties and responsibilities
    • Advance Site Training or Forward Site Training
    • E.O.P. - Emergency operating procedure
    • Vehicle Bomb Detection & Sweeps (Practical drill)
    • Predators & Stalkers - How to search for them
    • Airport Security - Picking up clients
    • Corporate & Event Security

    Please call us for our advanced training and continuing education: (727) 422-7233

  • Day 3 Schedule Open or Close

    Dress Code – Black BDU's, socks and sneakers.

    Hours – 9:00am to 4/5pm - Please allow enough travel time to get to the airport if needed.

    9:00am – 1:00pm

    • The first half of the day will be spent at a local shooting range for firearms training.  Students may bring their own personal firearm of their choice.  We recommend bringing 150-200 rounds of ammo for your firearm.   Firearm rentals may also be available.  Typically we shoot 9mm.  (Protective eye and ear wear is required.  We also recommend bringing a long sleeve shirt.)
    • We will also be covering some advanced tactical techniques, formations, force on force, and bounding drills.
    • Tactical Gun Takeaway & Defense drills - (Certification Training Review) (3)

    1:00-2:00 lunch

    2:00pm to 4/5pm

    • The Top 7 Ways To Market Yourself
    • Networking for the future
    • Working with the Government and getting on their federal list for work.
    • - Getting Government Grants
    • Oral Final Examination
    • Graduation & Certifications - Certified Protection Operator® and Certification for Tactical Gun Takeaway & Defense
    • A letter of Recommendation will be mailed to all students that show Exemplary Character, Demeanor and wherewithal.

    Please call us for our advanced training and continuing education: 727.422.7233

Registration Info

First Day of Class Fri, October 11, 2019
Last Day of Class Sun, October 13, 2019
Last Day to Register Thu, October 10, 2019
Individual Price $449.00
Location Bodyguard Training Facility
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
$449.00 18
 All works