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Please allow me to describe my experience with IEP. This course and the instructor were beyond the call of duty when it comes to E.P. schools. I enjoyed the classroom and the hands on detail. This should be everyone's first stop into coming into this field. Mr. Bogdanos' course is a basic standard for E.P.. The Tactical Gun Takeaway Course was excellent. The knowledge and experience that he gives to his students is enough to have your cup running over. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a school to start here and then go forward to another learning institute. I was able to polish up and manage my skills better because of his foundation of teaching. Whenever students can do two live details, and bring home two certifications, and a letter of recommendation is a great opportunity to invest in yourself. If this is over kill then let it be, because I really enjoyed this learning and networking experience. Thank you Mr. Bogdanos!
Date of Posting: 23 January 2012
Posted By: The Madjai
Private Detective, E.P.S., C.P.S., First Aid- AED- CPR
I would recommend Mr. Bogdanos and his school to anyone. I recently finished a course with him and its the first time I have done anything like this. There were all different kinds of people on this course. He is a great instructor as he picks people up at different levels and balances them all out. I found his teaching style and personality great and extremely friendly. All his staff was also extremely friendly and all willing to go the extra bit to keep you up with the class. I had no idea of what it was going to be like in the real world and didn't find any other schools that would actually take you on detail straight away. I found the hands on way the best way to learn. I learned a lot about people on this course. I look forward to working with Mr. Bogdanos and his team in the future.
Date of Posting: 23 January 2012
Posted By: Justin Wingard
Law enforcement as a career is filled with a lot of unknowns where the LEO can expect to find few plumbs. In my 30 years of law enforcement, both local and federal, the best plumb for me was being assigned to presidential candidate Ronald Reagan's (1976) "Rawhide" traveling protection detail. And again, as luck would have it, I experienced yet another plumb which was to enroll in Mr. Bogdanos' International Executive Protection training program. From my past experience I can say without equivocation or reservation that his I.E.P. training program - and Lenny - are both truly the real deal. The three long, tough days of training will absolutely enhance one's personal security resume' as it did mine. Once enrolled and training begins, one will soon discover that he/she has found another plumb - by being trained by a world-class black belt guy that only a dummy would think to take on hand to hand. Another plumb is that he listens - he is interested in you! Other descriptive adjectives about Mr. Bogdanos include being very gracious, honorable and professional. Yes, both Mr. Bogdanos and I.E.P. are truly the real deal. Something like USMC boot camp. Semper Fi.
Date of Posting: 15 August 2011
Posted By: Walter Kreitlow
Tallahassee, Florida
Mr. Bogdanos is truly the best at what he does. I just met him and I see a long time friendship coming from him. This class was only 3 days but the knowledge you gained from him will last forever. This class made me start thinking on my feet every second because things will change all of the time and you must be prepared for it. I learned more these past 3 days then I would have learned in a 7 day or longer class. He really cares about his students succeeding in this profession and he will do everything he can for you. I recommend that everyone goes through Mr. Bogdanos when looking for training for EP work. I will definitely refer everyone I know to this class. Thanks for everything Mr. Bogdanos!
Date of Posting: 25 July 2011
Posted By: Fredrick Lise
Tampa, FL
Lenny Bogdanos is a rare breed. I have known him for approximately 15 years. Recently the opportunity came about for me to sit as his student and I was exposed to a side of my dear friend that I had no idea existed. Mr. Bogdanos is a diligent, focused, goal-oriented, humble individual who not only has a thirst for success but a strong desire to have the ones around him succeed. What he taught me in a 3 day course would have taken another 3 weeks. He is truly a Master at what he does. I full heartedly recommend this program to any and all prospects considering a rewarding career in body guard/protection service.
Date of Posting: 25 July 2011
Posted By: Steven Broman
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Palm Harbor, Florida
Mr. Bogdanos is a terrific instructor. Mr. Bogdanos made the class environment enjoyable. He teaches you in the classroom. Then he take you outside to practice formations and gun takeaway. Practical is awesome!!! Escorting Clients... I gained knowledge coming to the 3 day course for future Security & Bodyguard work. Anybody can come to the 3 Day Course. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain... Thank you Mr. Bogdanos!
Date of Posting: 25 July 2011
Posted By: Albert McDonald
Zephyrhills FL
Mr. Bogdanos, I recently took your EP class (July 2011). I just wanted you to know personally that within my 20 years of military experiance and tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, your Martial Arts and Tactical Gun Take Away and Defense class and live detail this weekend was by far the Best of the Best. All persons that are seeking security level work should without a doubt take your course over any other in the State of Florida. Once again thank you very much. I will recommend you and your school to my buddies still in the Middle East who wish to be EP agents. Thanks again. Kenneth Smith Lady Lake, Florida
Date of Posting: 25 May 2011
Posted By: Kenneth Smith
retired Army, Florida
This course was amazing! Mr. Bogdanos was a great instructor, very respectful and dedicated to his work. This class has taught me how to be more observent as well as to be more responsible for myself and potiential clients. I would recommend this class to anyone. It is a great class and will keep in touch.
Date of Posting: 09 April 2011
Posted By: Adam H
Personal Trainer, lakeland florida
An excellent course would recommend to anyone looking into this line of work. It is the perfect base and Mr. Bogdanos will give you the tools to succeed. You will be pushed too; so be ready to learn.
Date of Posting: 27 March 2011
Posted By: Chris Jacobs
Clearwater FL
The past 3 and half years I have been in the military police field and done law enforcement. I spent 4 years in the U.S Marine corps as well. After also being in the security field doing both armed and unarmed work I found that more so than any other course I took Mr. Bodanos' class was delivered in a very interesting and challenging way. I found this class was very beneficial for anyone looking to get into the executive protection or bodyguard field and I would recommend Mr. Bogdanos' class to anyone.
Date of Posting: 15 February 2011
Posted By: Ron McClary
Recently exited active military service in the military police field. Was also a 4 yr marine, St. Petersburg,FL

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