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The past 3 and half years I have been in the military police field and done law enforcement. I spent 4 years in the U.S Marine corps as well. After also being in the security field doing both armed and unarmed work I found that more so than any other course I took Mr. Bodanos' class was delivered in a very interesting and challenging way. I found this class was very beneficial for anyone looking to get into the executive protection or bodyguard field and I would recommend Mr. Bogdanos' class to anyone.
Date of Posting: 15 February 2011
Posted By: Ron McClary
Recently exited active military service in the military police field. Was also a 4 yr marine, St. Petersburg,FL
Lenny is a very informative instructor. Lenny is very understanding and the training course he provides is great for anyone from a person with little or no expirience to even the most skilled executive protection specialist. I suggest his course for anyone who is interested in training with Lenny whether it be for executive protection or personal protection. I will be returning for further training on his next 3 day training date. The course is very informative. Lenny takes your empty glass of knowledge it fills it to the brim. I never knew executive protection training could be so fun and interesting. Lenny is a great guy and has a good sense of humor which helps to lighten the mood at times. Thank you for everything Lenny. I will be seeing you again at your next training session.
Date of Posting: 30 January 2011
Posted By: Bryan Sills
Civilian: Level 1 certified executive protection specialist, Seminole, Fl
Being a career Law Enforcement Officer and working in the Personnel Security field my training has taken me all over the world. I have attended several training courses in the personal security field.Mr. Bogdanos and his staff are true professionals at what they do. I would recommend anyone to International Executive Protection. Mr. Bogdanos is a true professional. You will not be disappointed!
Date of Posting: 29 January 2011
Posted By: George Long
Alexander City, Alabama
What I learned from this class that I really liked was that it kept me on my feet and constantly thinking. I also felt it gives you and trains you to have more of a heightened sense of your surroundings and what is going on around you.
Date of Posting: 27 January 2011
Posted By: Ron McClary
St. Petersburg
I recently took the three (3)day Executive Protection/Bodyguard class taught by Lenny Bogdanos of International Executive Protection. Mr. Bogdanos is an excellent instructor and very knowledgable in the Executive Protection/Bodyguard field. The hands on training Mr. Bogdanos provides is second to none. This three day class could very easily be a five day class. I would recommend this class to anybody who is thinking of entering the security or even the law enforcement field.
Date of Posting: 25 January 2011
Posted By: Scott Detwiler
Former Law Enforcement Officer, St., St. Petersburg, Florida
I've taken Lenny's course twice and already feel like I've learned so much. It was informative, hands on, and exciting with live detail with real clients. I would recommend this course for both beginners and veterans.
Date of Posting: 25 January 2011
Posted By: Stephen Weeks
Pro MMA Fighter, Clearwater, FL
By far, hands down the BEST personal protection program around. The knowledge and experience of Mr. Bogdanos comes through in every aspect of the training. Any program can teach formations, but what really makes this one stand out is the tactical weapon disarming. These are real techniques, used by real soldiers in life and death situations. It has drastically helped in my professional career and I plan to continue my education through Mr. Bogdanos' instruction.
Date of Posting: 22 December 2010
Posted By: J. B.
Certified Protection Specialist, Professional Mixed Martial Artist, Tarpon Springs, FL
It is with great privilege that I endorse and recommend any course conducted by Lenny Bogdanos. During my 16-year tenure in Law Enforcement, I have encountered some very dishonest and fraudulent characters. I personally know Lenny to be an individual of impeccable integrity and honesty - highly suited to a position of leadership and responsibility. His ability to communicate effectively and his lifelong experience as a teacher and educator are far superior than most. He is patient and precise. The drills, techniques, and curriculum are unbelievable. Without a doubt, his class is worth every dime.
Date of Posting: 15 December 2010
Posted By: Shane K. C.
To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter in regards to the recommendation of Lenny Bogdanos. I have personally known Lenny for many years. Lenny has made me a better law enforcement officer physically and mentally due to his impeccable training and guidance. Lenny is an individual who exudes and defines integrity, loyalty and trust. I have never known anyone who has disliked Lenny after first meeting him. He can easily adapt and communicate with all walks of life. Lenny’s many years of experience as a trainer, mentor, friend and role model will bring him and others great success in many ways. Sincerely, Deputy Christopher Brady
Date of Posting: 12 December 2010
Posted By: Christopher Brady
Deputiy Officer, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Being in the law enforcement for the 13 years and in Military aviation for the last 10 years, I have taken numerous protection and law enforcement classes as well as armed security detail. This is by far one of the most educational and well conducted civilian courses I have ever taken. This course is paced out perfectly to ensure everyone understands each section before continuing. The course is extremely educational and will teach you everything you would ever need to know plus more. This company makes learning everything easy to understand and each enjoyable all while maintaining professionalism. If you are considering taking any type of class that is given by this company, I would highly recommend you go here. I looked at a number of other companies before attending this course, and am now very happy I decided to go here. So if you are looking into any course offered here, stop looking and sign up you won't find a better place.
Date of Posting: 09 December 2010
Posted By: Michael Zellner
Aviation Survival Technician First Class, Clearwater, Florida

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