The Bodyguard Blueprint (Book 2) The Bodyguard Blueprint™ is the newly-released followup to The The Bodyguard Myth™.. Product #: BGBBK based on 0 reviews Regular price: $35.00 $35.00 In Stock

The Bodyguard Blueprint (Book 2)

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The Bodyguard Blueprint™ - the second in a series of books on the executive protection and the bodyguard training industry, has just been released!

Author Lenny Bogdanos is a Certified Protection Operator and owner of International Executive Protection LLC and International EP LLC. He has been involved in personal safety and defense for more than 25 years. After training and working in the executive protection and bodyguard industry for nearly a decade, Mr. Bogdanos published his first book, The Bodyguard Myth, to help dispel the many misconceptions about bodyguarding, and is committed to preparing bodyguards through his training program.

Mr. Bogdanos has trained countless students from around the world and shared his expertise in closer personal protection, tactical gun takeaway and defense and the fundamentals of bodyguarding. For many years, he has shared his real-world EP experiences with his students. Now, with his new book, The Bodyguard Blueprint, he has turned his attention to the business end of executive protection. It is his hope that the experience he is sharing in this book will help many of his students and followers reach their goals in the executive protection world.

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